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Realtor’s Top 10 Pet Peeves (Part 2)

5.  People who choose part-time Realtors
I don’t know about you, but if I’m looking for a professional, I don’t look for part-time professionals.  I look for people who live and breathe the field that they’re in.  If I’m looking for a lawyer, I don’t look for a lawyer who’s part time or if I’m looking for a doctor, I don’t look for a doctor who’s doing it as a hobby on the side.  

Realtor’s Top 10 Pet Peeves

10.  Talking to people who think they know the market based on what Globe & Mail or Vancouver Sun or Global News at 6 says.
Often times, internet news or media’s goal is to entertain readers and often exaggerate numbers and trends.  News found online or on TV often speaks to the Real Estate market on a whole and doesn’t look at specific factors or specific neighborhoods.  

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