Dan Lok

"I think Gary's a very professional Realtor, that's not just coming from me as a Mentor, it's because I've worked with him, he truly cares about the client... You want to work with someone who is caring."

~ Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur & Investor, aka The King of High-Ticket Sales


Peter Leung

"It's because of [Gary's] knowledge, his insight, the way that he analyzes and he's able to put real estate in perspective... he really is genuinely interested in me and what i'm looking for, that blew my mind... because he knows the market and he specializes in the luxury market he's really able to provide that insight"

~ Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, aka The Global Real Estate Investor


Yvonne Yang

I know so much realtor, but he’s the best one. Once I talk to him about the investment, he’s thinking, “Okay, this is the only person I trust.” Usually I just refuse to have any connecting with a salesperson or a realtor, but he’s only the exceptional one. Make friends with him.

~ Entrepreneur, Vancouver


Dr Ed & Mimi Arguelles

When the times comes that we were ready to buy a home Mr. Gary Wong’s name immediately comes into our minds. It was a really nice encounter because he didn’t initially push us to consider a home but we sat down and discussed details, even some definition of terms, he described to us. He even called out a friend who is a mortgage advisor to come over and helped us. After that we had a great perspective of how to buy a house, and he really helped us a lot from beginning to end.

~ Physicians and Entrepreneurs, Richmond


Jason Chiu

"what really separates Gary for me... is Gary's knowledge of the market locally... as well as his attention to detail, I've made several purchases with Gary in the past year alone and the reason I kept going back to Gary is because of his advanced knowledge and to what he thinks the market is going to do as well as focusing on the main fundamentals."

~ Real Estate Investor


Huasmar Lopez

"his promise to help me out was so sincere... his compassion came out and that's why we started talking... he took me to a very detailed process... it was just so transparent. Gary understands the market... Trust him, he's the most trustworthy person I've ever met, extremely compassionate, he shares the good that he has and his abundance, he's an incredible man, I respect him, he's extremely knowledgeable..."

~ Purchasing Manager


Carlos Garcia

"The word professional sums up Gary, extremely knowledgeable... extremely honest, he didn't sugar coat things... Gary will get it done, he's done it for me, he's done it for lots of people I know."

~ Regional Engineering Sales Manager


Bing Zhou

"[Gary's] very patient and professional, a lot of ways, I'm really impressed the way he deals with his clients... what he told me is commitment is most important for our business... doesn't matter big deal or small deals, he treats all the clients the same way"

~ Realtor, Mentee of Gary Wong


Victoria Mui

"Gary's just a fantastic individual... the standard that I hold is it's not just about necessarily the performance and the results, of course those things are important but how much of your heart and soul do you put into your work... and every time i've worked with Gary, Gary has been really outstanding... he's extremely trustworthy... also very professional"

~ Founder of Corporate Champions™, Director of Closers in Black™ at Dan Lok™ Companies


Jason Majoue

"Integrity, that really resonated with me, his integrity, his values... when I saw the way that he runs his family and the way that he treats people... it's evidence of what he does in his work... i can see that he's passionate about it, he's not just doing this for a paycheck... if you want someone that's really got your best interests in heart... definitely connect with Gary Wong"

~ YouTube Paid Advertising Strategist, Sales & Marketing at Dan Lok™ Companies


Kayvon Fatemizadeh

"There's so many [Realtors] out there... you gotta choose the best one for you, but if you're going to choose anyone, I would keep Gary Wong in mind, Results and Experience is what you can expect."

~ Co-Founder of High-Ticket Closer Certification, Executive Director of Sales, aka The One Call Closer


Mike & Kim Tran

We were so happy with Gary that we asked him to help us find our new home, and here we are in it right now. The home is in a great neighborhood, three blocks from my mom’s house, and we got it for a very good deal due to Gary’s awesome negotiating skills.

Gary is a very friendly guy. Very professional, and super knowledgeable about the Vancouver market. He was always on time, and was always at every showing. We really like Gary. He’s a super honest guy, and I would totally recommend him to all my families and friends.

~ Founder & CEO at Addictive Ads Inc. Surrey


Viren Thaker

Gary is one of the brightest real estate agents that I know. He just helped me complete a transaction on my own home. He’s smart, he’s articulate. I recommend him without hesitation for your most complex transactions. I’ve asked him a thousand questions during the past five months and I’m very happy with the new home and all of his work. Definitely reach out to him if you need any of your real estate transactions done. Thank you.

~ MBA, Product Manager, North Vancouver


Angelita Jarata

I could feel that Gary is a nice person, when I met Gary for the first time, I was so really comfortable right away... and he has a genuine smile and personality. I said to Gary, even $950,000 is ok for me... but [Gary] was able to sell it for $1,150,000. I'm very happy to recommend Gary... I really could feel that Gary is a very nice person

~ Real Estate Investor, Burnaby


Kazue Shu

One of the words Mr. Gary said it make me quite impressed, was... instead of spending money for big promotion and marketing... he invest into his customer who support him for his business, that was very impressive

~ Business Development Director, Japan


Kee Nam

Great to work with. Values clients’ interests. Have patience to deal with the first time buyer. (If you can deal with the first time buyer, you can deal with anyone) A must have Realtor in GVRD!

~ Senior Software Engineer, Vancouver


David Ko

I had been looking to purchase my first home but I wasn’t in an urgent rush to buy, so I was looking for something that I felt would be a “great deal”. My Realtor, Gary Wong, patiently worked with me for a period of 8 months to find my “great deal” and walked me through the entire process of purchasing and moving into my new home. I enjoyed Gary’s no-pressure and honest approach when it came to making such a difficult decision in buying a home. During our search, Gary had always reminded me that there were always going to be more properties to look at, and if I felt any hesitation I could always walk away from a deal. Today, I am happily writing this from my new home as a proud new home owner! Thanks Gary!

~ Engineer, Vancouver


Gina Yu & David Meng

We were very fortunate to have Gary be our realtor selling our condo. Gary proves to be the best realtor ever that we had worked with. Gary was very personable and having our best interest in heart through the sale process. Gary was very ethical and having great negotiation skill. Gary understands the market through his extensive and indepth research and experience. He guided us throughout the sale process. We highly highly recommend him to anyone that’s selling and buying real estate.

~ Account Manager at Vancity, Richmond


Kirk Xu

As a new home buyer seeking all range of advices and assistance, Gary is extremely helpful in providing efficient, honest and productive service. I really felt that Gary has put my interest before anything else and made great effort during the negotiation process. I highly recommend him as an excellent agent and friend.

~ MBA, Principal at Bedrock Consulting, Coquitlam


Pamela & Stephen Fleming

After more than 50 showings, my fiance and I finally found a home that we could see ourselves raising a family in. During this year-and-a-half long process, Gary was always patient and courteous. He always listened for our opinions first, before giving us his experienced viewpoint on a property. As first-time home buyers, we knew nothing about real estate and learned a lot from Gary. Flexible, friendly, and funny, we think of him now as more than just our realtor. He is incredibly personable, and cares more about his clients than he cares about making a sale. We are very grateful that we had him lead us through this process.

~ Teachers, Vancouver


Alvin & Carol Ng

Gary was very honest, ethical & professional when he helped us buy our condo. He gave us the pros and cons of buying a wood vs concrete condo, townhouse & detached house and never pushed us towards buying something we didn’t want. He was available 24/7, spent hours talking with us and going through the process and was always on top of everything from start to finish. I’d highly recommend him!

~ Banking Professionals, Burnaby


Zach & Tracy Sheng

Gary was very helpful in the purchase of our first home. He set up several tours for us and we saw several properties and made several offers before we finally found our ideal home. Gary also helped us get a great price on our new home with his negotiation tactics. He was very patient throughout the entire process, always doing his best to serve us and was always available when we had questions. He was always punctual and honest and put our interests first which is why I would definitely recommend him to my friends in the future.

~ MBA, Sales Consultants, Vancouver


Kelvin & Betty Leung

We really appreciated the warmth and honesty, and realistic outlook of our agent, Gary Wong, as well as his attention to detail. He is a frank, honest, funny, no nonsense kind of agent, and we really loved this about him. He consistently kept us “in the loop” of information.

~ BBA, Business Development Manager, Vancouver


Tae Kyung Yoon

Gary has helped me buy my first home. As a first time home buyer, I didn’t really know the process or many of the issues to consider when purchasing a home, but Gary really took his time and helped me through every step. He is very passionate about his career as a realtor and it really showed in my dealing with him. He was very honest, prompt and professional and he helped me find the perfect home. Thanks!

~ CPA, CMA, Manager at HSBC, Vancouver

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