“Real Estate is a Numbers Game.” Isn’t it?

Real estate and sales professionals all over the world can tell you that in any sales job, the more people you can reach, the higher probability of closed deals… or “success”.  If you can market or advertise yourself to 10,000 people and have a leads to sales conversion rate of 0.1%, then you’ve got 100 sales in your pocket.  Fool proof formula, eh? 

“Free Market Evaluation”? What’s the catch?

You’ve seen the phrase posted on bus benches and on bus advertisements and on the Realtor flyers you receive in your mailbox.  You’re curious about the free market evaluation and what your home is worth but you’ve never called the Realtor and asked them for this “Free Market or Home Evaluation” because you think that there’s some sort of catch?  It’s too good to be true.  

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