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The Golden Principle Of Being Faithful With Little

If You Are Faithful In The Little Things, You’ll Be Faithful In Large Ones

I just recently came back from Kenya on a short term mission trip with a team from my church. We worked with local pastors and did ministry at their churches in the villages and we even held a business conference for these pastors.

One of the key universal principles that I reflected on was the principle of being faithful with the little things. Let me tell you a story:

A master was going out of town for a long trip and he entrusted his money to the servants while he was gone. He gave 5 bags of gold to one servant, 2 bags of gold to another servant and a bag of gold to another, dividing them according to their abilities.The servant with the 5 bags of gold went to work right away and invested it and doubled the investment to 10 bags of gold.The servant with the 2 bags of gold also worked hard and did the same, doubling the investment to 4 bags of gold.The servant with a bag of gold dug a hole in the ground and buried the bag of gold.After a long time the master came back from his trip and brought together his servants to account for the money. The servant who was given 5 bags of gold came forward and said,

“Master, you gave me 5 bags of gold and I have invested it and made 5 more bags of gold.”

The master said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you more responsibilities.”

Then the master called the servant whom he had given 2 bags of gold. The servant said,

“Master, you gave me 2 bags of gold and I have invested it and made 2 more bags of gold.”

The master said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you more responsibilities.”

Then the master called the servant whom he had given a bag of gold. The servant said,

“Master, you gave me a bag of gold and I was afraid I would lose your money so I just dug a hole and buried it. Here is your bag of gold.”

The master was angry and upset and said “you lazy servant, why didn’t you just put it in the bank so that at least I could collect some interest?”

Then the master ordered that the bag of gold be taken away from the servant and given to the servant who had made 10 bags of gold.

To those who use well what is given, even more will be given. But from those who do nothing, even what they have will be taken away.

Think about it. What kind of lessons can you learn from this story?

As an employer, if your employees can’t even handle a small number of tasks you assign them, you won’t even consider giving them more responsibilities.

As an employee, you’re probably asking yourself, “how come I’m not getting promoted?”

The question you should be asking is, “have I been faithful with the small number of tasks my boss has given me?” If the answer is “Yes”, then maybe you need to make sure your boss is aware of this and ask your boss to entrust you with more responsibilities.

As a business owner, are you faithful with the few customers you are serving? If you can’t even do a good job with the current number of customers you have, what makes you think that you are ready to handle more customers?

Notice, the master divided his bags of gold to his servants according to their abilities. Are you faithful with the responsibilities you have been given in your job? How about the skills that you have learned in your career?

You want to make a 6 figure income in your job, but have you been faithful with what you’ve been given so far?

If you have, then great. Your boss will notice it and entrust you with more responsibilities, possibly a promotion in the near future.

Perhaps, your boss will see that a coworker hasn’t been faithful with their responsibilities and will take some of the responsibilities of your coworker and give it to you.

How about your business? You want to have a 6 figure income in your business, but have you developed the discipline, work ethic and habits to be able to handle the 6 figure income?

If you are faithful with the little, more will be given to you. If you are not faithful with the little, don’t expect much.

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