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Want More Space? How You Can Buy a House and Pay Less Utilities!

Upsizing means more space, doesn’t it? You’re buying a house because you just don’t have enough bedrooms in your apartment or townhome, right?

You need the extra bedrooms for an additional baby on the way or for possibly a larger family in the future. EXACTLY! Having a larger home means you can have others live with you. Indian families do that all the time. They live in a large home and have 2 or 3 families live there together.

Ok? So what, you say. Well, having 3 families live in the same place will mean higher utility bills than if there was only 1 family living there. But, 3 families sharing the mortgage payments and utility bills is WAY CHEAPER than the utility bills, rent and mortgage for 3 separate homes, right?

Therefore, families who do this are able to save a whole tonne of money while able to enjoy the benefits of a tight community, where families can help cook for one another, babysit, etc…

I’m not saying this works for everyone, but you could just have your parents live with you and that would save you a bunch of money too, not to mention they could share in the mortgage payments.

What Our Clients Say

“I think Gary’s a very professional Realtor, that’s not just coming from me as a Mentor, it’s because I’ve worked with him, he truly cares about the client… You want to work with someone who is caring.”

I know so much realtor, but he’s the best one. Once I talk to him about the investment, he’s thinking, “Okay, this is the only person I trust.” Usually I just refuse to have any connecting with a salesperson or a realtor, but he’s only the exceptional one. Make friends with him.”

“It’s because of [Gary’s] knowledge, his insight, the way that he analyzes and he’s able to put real estate in perspective… he really is genuinely interested in me and what i’m looking for, that blew my mind… because he knows the market and he specializes in the luxury market he’s really able to provide that insight”

“The word professional sums up Gary, extremely knowledgeable… extremely honest, he didn’t sugar coat things… Gary will get it done, he’s done it for me, he’s done it for lots of people I know.”

Let Me Help You Achieve Your Real Estate And Financial Goals

Real Estate investing can be a long and arduous task. But it doesn’t have to be.

With my help, and my team, we’ll make sure the process is smooth, straightforward, and as simple as possible for you. As an award-winning REALTOR®, my team and I work with diligence to help you achieve your goals. We’ll deliver exceptional results with attentive care.

So whatever your real estate goals are, 
Let’s Make it Happen.

It’s what we love to do.

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