How to Become an Effective Real Estate Agent

Do you aspire on becoming an effective real estate agent? Then you should check out these following tips:

1. Use technology – Knowledge of realty latest technology is must for a Real estate agent because a person who uses technology with ease is going to be more up-to-date on the market in the area. Twitter and Facebook your status and others will notice you are “into” real estate. Top of mind awareness will grow. Source: WikiHow

2. Earn an undergrad degree – Consider earning a four-year undergraduate degree. A college education isn’t essential to a real estate career, but a 2011 study from researchers at Florida International University found a bachelor’s degree increased a sales agent’s likelihood of success by as much as 160 percent. Researchers defined success as closing on more dollar volumes than half of all other brokers. According to the BLS, courses in finance, business administration, statistics, economics, law and English can benefit a real estate career. Source: Chron

3. Relationships are everything – Every agent is glued to his iPhone or laptop screen these days. However, it’s important to remember on the other side of all those zeroes and ones are real people, and they’re the ones who keep your business going.

Relationships are your bread and butter—and when we say that, we’re not talking the little dinner rolls you fill up on before your meal arrives.

To understand how to maximize your relationships as a real estate agent, start by asking the basic questions: who do you know, and who knows you? The answers will go far in revealing the extent of your sphere of influence, the collection of people for whom you and your business have weight. The greater your sphere of influence, the more of a magnet you become for prospects—and the better your chances of turning them into customers. Source: Placester

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