Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

Do you want to know some of the most effective strategies in real estate? Read these tips below:

1. Professional photography is imperative – Each listing, no matter the price point, should utilize professional photography. Photographs draw people in or will turn people away. Professional photographs can be used online, featured on the company website, on a personal website, on a multitude of Internet platforms, and utilized extensively in social media, as well as in brochures, fliers, blogs, postcards, editorials and a variety of print advertising, marketing, branding and more.

Maintaining a property library is another reason to hire a professional photographer because it is important for future marketing. In the bustling, hectic world of the Internet and the vast impact of social media, both are nonnegotiable tools. Proper, luxurious and high-quality advertising is imperative to an agent’s brand and the portrayal of the property they are marketing. Source: Inman

2. Listing Service – List the real estate on the multiple listing service (MLS). The MLS, which many real estate agents and brokers use as a marketing strategy, is a well-known network of real estate offerings. Properties listed on the MLS attract considerable attention, making it an ideal strategy for marketing real estate. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be represented by a real estate agent to have your property listed on the MLS. Simply sign an agreement with a broker who offers property listing services to individuals and pay the requested fee for your real estate listing. Source: Street Directory

3. Consider free home maintenance offers – Free home maintenance offers for a specified period can be a way to lure some buyers. Sellers may offer anything from maid service to even snowfall removal. Home warranties can also be a lure to help cast aside any fears a buyer might have. For example, a warranty that guarantees such features like the home’s air conditioning system, heater, and roof can add a sense of comfort for a buyer to move forward in a purchase. Source: Realtor Mag

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