Monthly Archives: December 2015

3 Tips to Start Saving for a House

Having a hard time saving for a home investment? Check out these tips that might help you to start saving for your next dream home investments.

Below are 3 tips to start saving for a house:

Simulate Mortgage Payments

The problem with all the methods mentioned above is that they do not take your financial habits into account. So what is the best way to answer this question: How much house can I afford?

3 Credits for First-time Home Owners

Thinking of buying your first home?  In this short post we’ll discuss some credits for first-time home-owner, including: medical expenses tax credits, tax deduction and home mortgage interest deduction.

Below are 3 credits for first-time home owners:

Medical Expenses Tax Credits

Persons with mobility impairments can claim renovation expenses to make their home more accessible under medical expenses deductions in Canada.

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