How Multimillionaires And Billionaires Take Action




“Ready, Aim, Fire”


So, you probably grew up learning “Ready, Aim, Fire”.  The concept is to get READY for what you are trying to do, set goals and prepare yourself.  Then AIM for your goal, find out and strategize on how you plan on taking action.  Finally, take action, that is FIRE.

I believed in this concept for most of my life.  

BUT… I realized, I was wrong.


“Ready, Fire, Aim”


When I did my MBA, it opened up my eyes to a different concept.  I realized I have been doing it wrong.  The concept taught there is, “Ready, Fire, Aim”.  You get READY, take action, and when things don’t work, then you AIM.  You redirect the action if you’re missing your target.  As you take action or FIRE, you will start to see which actions are helping you to achieve your goal, and which are not.  Because you are busy taking action, you can easily adjust the actions of those that are not producing results.

It was a sudden enlightening when I learned that.  

I saw how it worked in the business world and thought that was all there was to it.


THEN… I met my millionaire mentor and learned how multi-millionaires and billionaires take this concept to the next level.


“Fire, Fire, Fire, Aim”


This is where you just take action, you don’t get ready, you don’t meditate, you don’t spend hours planning, you just start FIRING.  You see, high level performance individuals take massive action.  It’s not like they don’t set goals or they don’t get ready.  They know that their READY period is going to always fluctuate based on what happens so their READY period is so short, that they remove it from the concept.  

For the multi-millionaires and billionaires, they just FIRE.  They FIRE, and then FIRE, and then FIRE, and then they AIM.  But, then they go back to FIRE, FIRE, FIRE before AIMING.  As they take incredible massive action regularly and relentlessly, they are able to produce so much, that when they AIM, they are very easily able to filter out what doesn’t work.  As they FIRE more than others, they make more mistakes than others and so they are quickly able to learn from these mistakes and their AIM gets better too.  Also, they don’t get caught up with too much analysis.  They just stick to pulling the trigger and know that with enough action, they’ll get the results that they’re looking for.  


This doesn’t just apply to business but applies to many different areas of your life.  When you encounter a problem, just take action to try to solve it.  Just FIRE.  Don’t overthink it.  Don’t analyze it to death.  Don’t spreadsheet it.  Just DO IT!  As you do it, you’ll know how to AIM.  Don’t worry.  


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