3 Essential Ways to Save on Moving Costs

To avoid additional stress in the midst of your relocation, here are some money saving tips to help your move.

Below are 3 essential ways to save on moving cost:

Boxes are the building blocks of moving, which is why many moving companies charge exorbitant prices for them. Buying boxes is simply unnecessary when there are so many ways to get them for free:

  • Bring empty boxes from your office or workplace; printer-paper boxes are strong and large enough for most items.
  • Ask friends who have recently moved or post a request on your social networks.
  • Check Freecycle and Craigslist’s Free section or take a look around your neighborhood on recycling and garbage day. You never know who else has just moved and is getting rid of their used boxes.
  • Ask at your local liquor store; boxes strong enough to hold glass bottles of rum or vodka can certainly handle your knickknacks.
  • Check outside behind mid-sized stores. “We like to cruise the back alleys of Ross or Marshall’s—we find perfectly sized boxes,” says military wife and mom Michele Rook, whose family moves frequently. Source: Lifehacker


Trucks and Storage

If you choose to move yourself, you will likely need to rent a truck. However, if your move is temporary, or you have more belongings than space, a storage unit may also be necessary. As with hiring a moving company, it often pays to do some research into a company’s reputation, as well as its prices.

  • If You Purchased Your New Home, Talk to Your Real Estate Agent
  • Moving Truck Rental
  • Storage Unit Rental
  • Look for Combo Deals Source: Moneycrashers


Apps and Online Tools

Make use of moving apps and online trackers, which can help you keep tabs on the supplies you have and the ones you need to purchase. This will reduce the likelihood of buying duplicate supplies. Some useful tools are Moving. Source: Cheatsheet


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