3 Etiquette Rules Every Home Buyer Should Know

There are etiquette rules every home buyer should know. In This short post we’ll discuss 3 of those rules, including: avoiding excessive multiple visits, removing shoes and considering adjustments.

Below are 3 etiquette rules every home buyer should know:

Avoiding Excessive Multiple Visits

“One, two, or even three visits are typically acceptable prior to making an offer,” Ameer says. “If you must return more than that, make sure this is a home you are seriously considering.”

All those visits are not only an inconvenience, but they could also make a seller extremely anxious, especially if a buyer comes to the house five times and is never heard from again. Remember, you will have inspections and access to the home again, so don’t waste a seller’s time with too many visits.

Before you come away thinking you’re the only person in the home-buying process who should adhere to a code of conduct, tune in next week to learn all the unwritten etiquette rules home sellers should follow, too! Source: Realtor

Removing your Shoes

Not everyone was a fan of the couple’s rules, though. Some felt that in this housing market, you shouldn’t do anything that might put potential buyers off.

“I suspect these sellers also make you remove your shoes upon entering their house…which I find disgusting.” – Kristin

“One seller made my husband take his shoes off and almost didn’t let him in the house because his clothes were a little dusty. We were insulted.” – Joyce

Does it offend you when homeowners expect you to leave yours at the door? I just do it automatically, whether there’s a sign or not.  Source: Hookedonhouses

Considering Adjustments

Sellers and/or agents cannot always accommodate an immediate appointment. In many instances, at least three phone calls, and three conversations must take place before an appointment is confirmed. If just one person is unavailable, it will delay a prompt appointment. All of that is assuming the agent can go on a moment’s notice- which is not always the case

If you are working with an agent who is on vacation, or away for the weekend, do not call the listing agent to show you their listing. For that matter, do not call any other agent other than the one that is covering for your agent while they are away for any reason. It’s quite disrespectful to your agent, as well as the other agent. Ask your Realtor who to call in case he/she will be away for any amount of time. Source: CTNews


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