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If You Want To Learn Anything In Life, You Have To Learn THIS




This is the Fundamental Key to Learning Anything in Life


If you want to learn anything in life, you have to get this principle down.  

After working in the corporate world for 8 years, I thought I knew a thing or two about business.  When I got into the MBA program, I thought,


“How different could this be?  

3 Tips for Staging Your Home

Getting ready to sell your home? Successful staging will boost your home’s appeal and your chances of selling. In this short post, we’ll discuss some tips for staging your home, such as: outdoor retreats, pops of color and mismatches.

Outdoor Retreats

This is something you always hear, and with very good reason. Many people thinking of touring your home will do a quick drive-by first, often deciding on the spot if it is even worth a look inside.

3 Creative Open House Ideas to Sell Your Home Fast

In the world of home selling, there are wide ranges of strategies you can use to set your home for sale. Here are a few creative open house ideas that will showcase your home’s best features and attract more buyers.

Below are 3 creative open house ideas to sell your home fast:

Turn your Home into an Art Gallery

If your home is vacant or has a lot of blank wall space, you can work with your agent to identify a local art gallery to host an exhibition.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Online Mortgage Lender

The internet can be useful when you’re looking for a mortgage. But when you’re dealing with online mortgage lenders, there’s a range between legitimate ones and those running small-time scams. This article will cover some tips for choosing the best online mortgage lender, including: knowing your credit score, using referrals and comparing mortgages.

Knowing your Credit Score

This will not allow you to put your feet up on the desk and demand the best terms, as one commercial suggests, but it will let you know where you stand.

My Background and How I Originally Got Into Real Estate




“How did Gary Wong, the Author of The Book on Vancouver Real Estate Get Started in Real Estate?”



So you’ve seen my ads on Facebook about me giving out a copy of my book, The Book on Vancouver Real Estate.  You’ve watched my youtube videos .  But you’re wondering, who is this guy?  

My name is Gary Wong.  

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