Real Estate Negotiation Techniques 101 That’ll Save You Thousands



Are you finding yourself it hard to buy a place in this aggressive real estate market?

Are you constantly being outbid in bidding wars and tired of it?

Don’t you wish you had some inside secrets on how to negotiate like a boss?


In this hot market, you’re going to be engaging in wild negotiations.  Here are some basic tips that can help you when buying or selling real estate.

3 Simple Repairs to Sell Your Home Faster

Thinking about how to prepare your home properly before you put it on the market? These short post will cover 3 simple repairs to help sell your home faster. Read on!

Repair #1

Repair the Floor If your home has hardwood floors, you should seriously consider removing your carpeting and getting the floors refinished. If your sub-floor is plywood, on the other hand, transforming it into a hardwood floor will be far too costly.

What’s The Difference Between The 3 Types Of Mortgage Professionals?


Mortgage Broker?  

Mortgage Specialist?  

Mobile Mortgage Specialist?  

Mortgage Manager?  

Financial Services Representative that does Mortgages?

Ever wondered what the difference between all three are?


Mortgage Broker:  These guys are licensed.  They take a mortgage broker’s license and they have access to multiple lenders.  They get paid by a percentage by lenders.


(Bank Name) Mobile Mortgage Specialist:  These guys work for the bank.  

3 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a hard process to go through. Luckily, we’ll help by sharing few things to avoid when selling our home, such as: overpricing the property, letting your pets roam free and skipping the market.

Below are 3 things to avoid when selling your home:

Overpricing the Property
He says while it is good to have high expectations, sellers should rather be smart when pricing their home.

Basic Real Estate Bidding War Strategies


Do you feel nervous when it comes to bidding on real estate?

Do you shy away from competition?

Are you constantly losing in the bidding wars?

Don’t you wish you knew some basic strategies so that you’ll have the upper hand next time?


First off, in this hot Vancouver market, bidding wars are inevitable.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a house, condo, townhome or duplex, you’re going to be buying something that others can’t wait to buy.

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