The #1 MOST ASKED Real Estate Investing Question…


Should I buy and flip?

Should I buy for cash flow?

How about buy, fix and flip?


NO!  The #1 Most Asked Question is…  What Should I Invest In?

It’s like meeting a stockbroker and saying “what stock should I buy?”

There are a tonne of investment vehicles in the stock market, just like there are tonne of investment vehiAcles when it comes to real estate.  

You see, when I work with my clients, I keep it simple.  


Are you buying for cash flow OR capital appreciation?


There are a lot more factors that I consider.  What’s your risk tolerance?  Where do you like to invest?  Where would you like to specialize in?  Do you like short term or long term investments?  How hands on are you?  Do you like being a landlord?  Are you good with numbers?  What is your 2 year, 5 year and 10 year goal?  How many properties do you want to own at the end of 10 years?  And the list of questions go on and on…

You see, it’s my goal to help investors generate quick profits through a buy and flip strategy and accumulate long term wealth through a buy and hold and various cash flow strategies.  I go into a lot more detail in my book, The Book on Vancouver Real Estate


It IS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE to create a goal and a plan and then execute that plan.  


The general public know that buying houses and land are better for asset appreciation and buying condos are better for cash flow.  That is amateur knowledge and it’s good for the average real estate investor.  But if you want to really build sustainable, long term wealth, you need to work with a professional with a power team to help you get where you currently are to where you want to be when it comes to your real estate goals.  

Contact me if you want me to show you how I can help you with that.  

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