You Might Not Be in the Market to Buy or Sell, but You DEFINITELY NEED to Know this… Buyer/Seller Beware!

1.  Renovations without permits:  Did you know changing your dishwasher requires a city permit?  True story:  condo owner near the penthouse changed dishwasher without permit, dishwasher leaked, damaged the suites below all the way to the ground floor, insurance asked whether a permit was granted by the city, condo owner said “no”, condo owner responsible for the insurance deductible for every single unit damaged from the leak, condo owner left with a $100,000 bill.  

Investing in Real Estate? 5 Smart Principles for Smart Real Estate Investing

Not every real estate investment is a good investment.  Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration.  Asset appreciation?  Rental Income?  Short term?  Long term?  I can talk for hours on this topic, but here are 5 smart principles you should consider.

1.  Rental vs Asset Appreciation:  Obviously, you’d like your investment to be good for rentals and will appreciate in value in the future. 

Selling Your Home? 3 Tips On How NOT To Leave A Bad First Impression

When buyers are looking at homes, sellers have about 30 seconds to impress them.  There are a few standard things homeowners can do to make themselves stand out  Then, there are some tricks of the trade that really make sellers’ homes stand out.
The standard things homeowners can do are to have their grass cut, to de-clutter the place, and to depersonalize the home, that is, to take away the family pictures from the house to allow buyers the chance to picture themselves living there.

5 Things You May Not Know When Buying A Presale Development

I’m always surprised at people who go straight to a presale development and just buy units without the assistance of a buying agent REALTOR® representing them.  Why not hire a REALTOR® with the market knowledge, negotiation skills and expertise to help you buy a presale development.  It doesn’t cost you anything anyway.  Here are 5 reasons why getting the help of an expert may be beneficial when buying a presale.

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