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What To Look For When Reading Strata Documents


Am I Supposed To Read The Strata Documents When I Buy A Condo?

Rental Disclosure Statement, Form B, Strata Plan, what’s that?

Are you confused with all the documents and just want someone to tell you what to look for?


When I first entered the real estate industry, I quickly realized that there’s a tonne of reading to go through when it comes to strata documents.  

The 3 Rules I Always Recommend For Home Inspections


Do I need a home inspection?

Ever wonder what home inspectors ACTUALLY do?

How can I tell if the home inspector is good or not?


What is the purpose of a home inspection?  Well, there are things about the home that the regular buyer is unaware about.  When you buy a used car, do you take it to the mechanic to make sure it’s not a lemon?  

Real Estate Negotiation Techniques 101 That’ll Save You Thousands



Are you finding yourself it hard to buy a place in this aggressive real estate market?

Are you constantly being outbid in bidding wars and tired of it?

Don’t you wish you had some inside secrets on how to negotiate like a boss?


In this hot market, you’re going to be engaging in wild negotiations.  Here are some basic tips that can help you when buying or selling real estate.

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