“Real Estate is a Numbers Game.” Isn’t it?

Real estate and sales professionals all over the world can tell you that in any sales job, the more people you can reach, the higher probability of closed deals… or “success”.  If you can market or advertise yourself to 10,000 people and have a leads to sales conversion rate of 0.1%, then you’ve got 100 sales in your pocket.  Fool proof formula, eh?  Is it?

I talked to a wise Christian woman recently and she said something along the lines of, “I don’t want to do the things that can be done by my strength because then I receive all the glory for my hard work.  I want to do the things that are impossible, so that God’s faithfulness and glory can be shown.”  In business school, they teach you to differentiate yourself in the business world to gain a competitive advantage.  In the real estate industry, they also tell you the same thing, but also say “don’t reinvent the wheel, follow in the footsteps of those with years of experience”.  So, do you differentiate or do you not?  Anyone can replicate the results of a successful Realtor by playing the numbers game, but why not take the road less travelled?  What’s that you say?

In the numbers game, it’s about getting as many customers in and then estimating that a percentage of them will become clients who do deals with you.  Hence, the goal is to reach out to as many people as possible.  Well, what if I wanted to be different?  What if I wanted to do the “impossible”?  What if I wanted to reach out and just serve fewer clients and do my best to serve them according to their needs?  What if I didn’t follow the numbers game and instead just served, loved and blessed the people around me?  What if their business wasn’t my #1 priority, instead I just cared about them more than a salesman?  Do you think this “game” would be fruitful?  Maybe.

Maybe I don’t want to be perceived as a pushy salesman that cares just about the bottom line.  Maybe I want to be known for more than how many listings I can get or how many deals I’ve made in the business.  Maybe I really want to stand for what I say I stand for.  Maybe “Here to Serve” is the best way to approach this business.  I think so.  What do you think?

Besides, who wants to be labelled as one of those numbers anyway?

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