Do People Really Care About Feng Shui? Here’s The Truth




What If The House is on a T-Junction?

What If The House Is Facing The Big Street?

What If The House Is Facing North?

What If The House Is Facing South?



What I’ve learned in the industry is that there are many people out there who care about a property’s Feng Shui.  

What I’ve also learned is that though they care about the Feng Shui, they don’t all care it for the same reason.

Some people care about the Feng Shui because they think the property’s Feng Shui will affect the homeowner’s fortune and such.  They stay away from the property because they consider it “bad luck”.  

Then, when the price is reduced, all of a sudden, a portion of these people say “I want it, I’ll buy it.  I don’t care about Feng Shui…”

So, I learned that many people care about Feng Shui until the price is right.  If the price is right, they’ll throw their Feng Shui beliefs out the door.  Or maybe they’re using Feng Shui as a reason to get a better price on the property.  

I also learned that Feng Shui can be very subjective.  Taiwanese Feng Shui is different from Mainland Chinese Feng Shui which is also different from Hong Kong Feng Shui.  So it really depends on who you’re talking to.  


Confusing, eh?


On top of that, I learned that regardless of the Feng Shui of a property, the “bad luck” can be countered.  You can re-arrrange the furniture or place certain ornaments here and there and then all of a sudden, your “bad luck” can be converted to “good luck”.  

But the most important thing I learned about Feng Shui is that most people don’t really know Feng Shui that well.  A lot of it is hearsay.  When they look more deep into Feng Shui, it depends on when a person is born, which direction they face when they’re sleeping and even when they’re eating.  It gets very detailed and technical.  I’ve never met a person who follows it to the dot.  

So it makes me really think whether people really buy into that or not.

Regardless, when buying property, it’s nice to know the Feng Shui aspect of it, but it’s not a deal breaker.  Yes, the “bad” Feng Shui may sway a few buyers away from the property, but a majority of them just care about the price and those that REALLY know Feng Shui know how to counter “bad Feng Shui.




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