Where Do I Go To Find A Good Realtor?


How would you know if you found a good Realtor?

How do I go about finding a good Realtor?

Question:  What are the qualities of a good Realtor?

Answer:  The first thing is I’d ask around.  I ask for referrals from those around me.  Chances are is that if my friend had a good experience with that Realtor, there’s a good chance that I’ll have a good experience with that Realtor.  

However, I would recommend interviewing different Realtors.  Not all Doctors and Lawyers are created equal, the same goes with Realtors.  I would look at their website, their branding, hear what they have to say and ask about how they do their business.  

A caveat is that a Realtor with a poor website doesn’t mean they’re a bad Realtor.  But if the Realtor has an exceptional, phenomenal website, chances are that the Realtor is a pretty high performance individual because they care a lot about their branding.  

Once again, I’d recommend talking with different Realtors.  Many operate their businesses quite differently.  Some clients require a lot of hand holding and nurture and so they might be best with a Realtor who can cater to that.  Whereas, some clients just want the job done as fast as possible, and want to be as hands off as possible, and so these clients may prefer a Realtor that can cater to that style.

Some Realtors will work with anyone that can walk, whereas some Realtors have specific criteria regarding who they want to work with.  They may require their clients to sign a contract or to provide a retainer fee, etc…


Question:   What’s the minimum # of years of experience the Realtor should have?

Answer:  There’s no minimum # of yrs.  Some Realtors have been in the business for 10+ years, but it doesn’t mean they really worked for 10+ years.  They may have been part time for 8 out of the 10 yrs or they may have 10 yrs of experience doing the same thing.  Compare this with a Realtor who has 4 years of experience, working 80 hrs/week for those 4 years and aggressively learning a tonne of information regarding business and how to treat clients, building systems to provide better customer experience, etc…

I’ve seen top Realtors, in the business for 30 years, making 7 figures, and getting in trouble because they made mistakes where they should have known better.  I understand that everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes those Realtors were so busy selling (and were good at it) that they forgot to increase their expertise in the field.  

If I were looking for a Realtor, I don’t expect the Realtor to know everything, but that person better be willing to go and find out the answer.  I don’t want a complete newbie, but they have to have some knowledge and expertise, but the attitude is key.  The go-getter attitude.  It’s way better than someone who has 100 listings, and too busy to help you when you need it.  


When you’re looking for a Realtor, you clearly need the best. In any case, with Realtors introducing themselves through yard signs, online advertisements, standard mail postcards etc., how would you slice through the offers?

So is it really critical to whom you will entrust your properties to?  Watch this video to learn on how to find the perfect realtor for you!

If you want more information on how to prepare, feel free to email or call me.





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