Vancouver Real Estate 101 – Introductory Guide To Navigating This Hot Market


Do you feel depressed about Vancouver’s Real Estate un-affordability?

Do you have a headache or feel stressed when you think about buying/selling your home?

Don’t you wish there was somebody out there to guide you?


Gary talks about his journey through the real estate world. From knowing nothing to being an Award Winning Realtor.  

Real estate is incredibly complicated for the laymen and in this presentation, Gary provides a clear and brief overview of the questions that buyers and sellers have always had in their minds but never got the answer to.  Real estate is an industry that lacks transparency and it lead Gary to write The Book on Vancouver Real Estate that is available on Amazon and on his website

In this presentation, Gary shares a bunch of different topics that I know you’ve been thinking about including:

  • If You Want To Learn Anything In Life, You Have To Learn THIS
  • The Biblical Principle I Copied From Jeremy Lin To Compete In Real Estate
  • When Getting A Mortgage, Don’t Trust Lenders Unless They Do THIS
  • Basic Real Estate Bidding War Strategies
  • Did You Know There Are 3 Types Of Mortgage Professionals
  • Real Estate Negotiation Techniques 101 That’ll Save You Thousands
  • The 3 Rules I Always Recommend For Home Inspections
  • What To Look For When Reading Strata Documents
  • Which Realtor Is Right For You – My 5 Requirements If I Were You
  • The Age Old Debate – Rent vs Buy
  • Why Buying Or Selling Now May Not Be The Best Time
  • The Most Common Real Estate Investing Question – What Should I Invest In?
  • Oil Tank Due Diligence When Buying An Older House
  • The Biggest Mistake In Real Estate Negotiations
  • Buying Real Estate IS NOT LIKE Buying At The Bay

And much, much more.



I know this video is long, in the upcoming videos, there’ll be segments of this long video tailored to individual topics, so stay tuned.


If you want more information on how to prepare, feel free to email or call me.

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