What Great Customer Service Looks Like? It’s Not What You Think!


What does it mean to offer great customer service?

Have you been doing it the wrong way all this time?

It’s simpler than you think…


When I first work with my clients, I meet them in my office and I go through a questionnaire.  Using the questionnaire I try to find out what my clients need.  Whether they need to buy or sell, I need to find out my client’s motive, desires and expectations.  

I want to figure out my client’s motivation to buy and sell.  Sometimes, they are drawn to buy or sell based on what the media says and so I want to make sure they are fully informed about what is REALLY going on in the market.

Then, I figure out whether what they want is compatible with what they need based on what they have told me.  For example, a client may think that her $500K budget can only afford a 2 bedroom apartment in Burnaby but what she really actually wanted was to live in Vancouver but she thought it wasn’t possible.  That’s where I come in and show her what’s possible and what’s not.  

The same goes with clients who think their home is worth X, when in fact their home is worth a lot more.  So, once I’m able to accurately assess the situation, it often surprises my clients and leads them to change their goals and plans.

We’ve all heard that in customer service you want to exceed your client’s expectations.  Well, how are you going to exceed your client’s expectations if you don’t even know what your client’s expectations are?  That’s the importance of that initial sit down consultation.

I want to learn about what my client’s experience (if any) was like with previous Realtors.  Not all Realtors are created equal and if I want to provide extraordinary customer service, I need to find out what their previous Realtors did that they weren’t happy with or what their previous Realtors did that they did like and appreciate.  That way, I know how to under promise and over deliver.  





If you want more information about this, feel free to email or call me.

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