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Buying Real Estate IS NOT LIKE Buying At The Bay



The phrase I always hear from people looking to buy real estate is, 


I Want A Bargain!


When I first entered the real estate industry, a colleague of mine told me.  “Gary, buying real estate is not like buying at The Bay”

I said, “What?  What do you mean?”

He continued, “You know how you go to The Bay and you’re looking to buy a $100 shirt and because it’s Bay Day, you get 30% off.  

The Biggest Mistake In Real Estate Negotiations


I know what you’re thinking when it comes to negotiating real estate:  


I Want A Great Deal!

I Want A Win/Win Situation

I’m A Reasonable Person


But in reality, when I work with sellers and buyers, their actions show more like:


Take This Lowball!

I Want A Win/Lose Deal, I Win, You Lose!

My Price Isn’t Overpriced, It’s Reasonable!

The #1 MOST ASKED Real Estate Investing Question…


Should I buy and flip?

Should I buy for cash flow?

How about buy, fix and flip?


NO!  The #1 Most Asked Question is…  What Should I Invest In?

It’s like meeting a stockbroker and saying “what stock should I buy?”

There are a tonne of investment vehicles in the stock market, just like there are tonne of investment vehiAcles when it comes to real estate.  

Oil Tank Due Diligence When Buying An Older House


I’ve Heard of Oil Tanks, What’s The Deal With Them?

How Do I Know If The Home Has An Underground Oil Tank?

What Are The Dangers If I Don’t Check?


You’ve all heard of home inspections, but have you ever heard of oil tank inspections?

Many buyers these days are just not educated when it comes to watching out for this potential risk.

Why Buying Or Selling Now May Not Be The Best Time


The Market’s Hot, Gotta Get In Before I Get Priced OUT!  Right?

It’s A Sellers Market, Best Time To Sell, Right?

But If I Sell A Few Months Later, I’ll Make More Money, Right?


Buyers, I know what you’re thinking.  


It’s a seller’s market, it’s a bidding war out there, it’s too crazy out there, I should wait until the market slows down.  

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