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Angie Liu

Real Estate Consultant

I would love to be your agent... My name is Angie and I was born and raised in the Lower Mainland.

I received my B.A. (Hons) in Sociology, and also studied Real Estate at the University of British Columbia.

In my free time, I love to explore different restaurants in Greater Vancouver, love to travel with my family and workout.

I have personal experience with rentals properties, and I am always keeping my eyes open for my next rental property.

I understand that everyone has a unique buying or selling situation and they deserve service that is tailored specifically for their needs.

I adhere to the Realtors Code of Ethics and strive for highly satisfied clients. Every day, every client, every transaction. I believe in bringing warmth, integrity, patience and a sharp eye to every deal.


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Alina He 贺莎莎

Real Estate Consultant

Born in China, Alina comes from a background in business and healthcare.  After immigrating to Canada, Alina worked in a pharmaceutical company and then worked as a nurse at a hospital for many years. 

Because of her love for the city, she coupled her passion for helping and serving others with real estate and joined Gary’s team.  From her work and life experience, Alina prides herself in being ability to understand others through all walks of life.  Because Alina focuses on listening, she is able to understand people’s real estate needs and from then, she knows how to serve and guide them. 

In her spare time, you will see Alina living an environmentally responsible lifestyle, driving an electric car and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband and 2 little girls.  Whether she’s camping, swimming, doing yoga or reading on the beach, you’ll see the creative and fun-loving side of her as she works on DIY projects with her family. 

Alina is fluent in English and Mandarin, both written and verbal and is a core pillar on Gary’s team. 

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Tim Zhang

Real Estate Consultant

The Secret to Success in Life

Here is the secret:

The life of your dreams is already in front of you, the only thing holding you back is your mind.

Your doubts

Your fears

Your mental blocks

Because the truth is...the path to success has already been laid out in front of you...

You need to take out the mental blocks that's preventing you from achieve your goals.

And that is what I'm passionate about.

I want to help you achieve that dream life you've always wanted. 

You can do that with eCommerce, Stocks, starting your own business, digital marketing, network marketing, you name it. 

But what I do is Real Estate.

And Vancouver Real Estate is one of the highest appreciating markets in the World. 

Make no mistake, you won't get rich quick.

And it certainly isn't easy.

But if you want that life you've always dreamed of and you are READY to take action.

Call me.

If you aren't ready to create a better life for yourself,

maybe we aren't right to work together.

Any other member of the team can help you.

I can only show you the door,

only you can walk through it.

Every day, someone else is making their dreams happen,

what if it was you?


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