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Give And You Shall Receive

Give and You Shall Receive – It’s That Simple. Real Estate is all about service.

In a sometimes cut throat industry like real estate, there’s a lot of crazy things that go on, but the key is just to serve.  This applies to any industry or profession you work in.  The world teaches you that in order to be a leader, you need to lead people.  You basically tell people what to do and tell people to follow you, but I’m telling you to be a servant and people will automatically follow you and see you as a great leader..

Here are 6 areas of your life that it applies in:  Work, Family, Friendships, Networking, School, Business

At your company, who would you rather listen to?
The bossy manager who plays the political game, tries to take credit for your achievements, scared that you’ll take their position or leave their team to another department.


The manager who lays their pride and title down and serves you unconditionally.  Doesn’t worry that you’ll take your position, in fact encourages you that you can surpass his/her accomplishments, encourages you regularly, proactively tries to help you to move up in the company, acknowledges and gives you praise publicly, coaches  and mentors you and basically serves you.

Who do you think managers and directors want to part of their team?  The 1st or 2nd manager?  When you give yourself to others and just genuinely care for others, people are attracted to you.  It’s not politics when a manager/director wants you to be part of their team because they are attracted to your character.

At home, do you think you’ll find favor in your siblings’ perspectives by being a constant taker without ever giving back?  Do you think your husband or wife would appreciate it if you always told him/her what to do?

Try offering your love through action to your family members and basic human nature tellus us that they will reciprocate.  You don’t offer love EXPECTING love in return because when you give with the sole intention of RECEIVING, it’s obvious.

Change your mindset of serving others and give without expecting in return and those around you will see your heart.

When you help your friend with an expectation that they’ll help you, you are treating your friend like a business transaction.  Friendship, you probably agree is much deeper than that.

If you lend to your friends expecting them to pay you back, you are at best a bank that charges 0 interest.  If you’re expecting that money to come back to you, don’t lend it.  If you have that mindset, if your friend for some reason can’t pay you back, it’ll damage the relationship.

If you’re there for a friend only because you expect them to be there for you, your friendship is very conditional.  Try being there for a friend, serving him/her, helping them, counselling them, supporting them, giving them wisdom and advice regardless of how they will treat you.

If you serve your friends like that, people will be attracted to you and true friends will not abuse your love for them.

If you go to networking events and all you do is try to market yourself to them, hand out business cards to everyone, give your elevator pitches to everyone and try to solicit business, you’re doing networking the wrong way.

When people do that, what do you think of them?  It’s pretty obvious right?  When people try to sell your something in that kind of manner, it doesn’t attract people, it repels them.

When you go to networking events and meet people, try not to put the spotlight on yourself.  Try to see how you can add value to them.  Maybe you have you some ideas that can help their business.  Maybe you have connections to people who can be their customers or partners.  Try to add value to those you meet.

Take interest in what others have to say, quick to listen, slow to speak.  People like to be listened to.  Observe and you’ll know when it’s your turn to speak.

When you add value and try to serve others, other people will WANT to network with you.

When you were in school, didn’t you like those people who offered to help you in your homework?  Did those people ask you to pay you for their help?  Did they ask you to do favors for them?

Probably not, right?

You liked those people because they helped because they genuinely cared.  They took notes for you when you were away, they reminded you of upcoming tests or assignments and maybe even offered to study together.  What happened when that person who was constantly helping you was in a situation where you could help?  You helped them, right?

Even if you didn’t, these people found favor in the eyes of people around him/her and so many are willing to step out and help them even if that person didn’t even ask for help.

It’s where you learn about working in a team.  You care and serve others.  If you can learn this lesson in school, it’ll be easy to translate it into the work world.

Last but not least, this happens if you’re an entrepreneur and you have your own business.  If you have created a mindset, habit and lifestyle of genuinely serving others, you shall receive.

You will find favor in the eyes of your team members, your staff, your partners and your clients. Your clients will that you’re not a sleezy or pushy salesman and even if they don’t do business with you directly, they may refer people to you in the future because your reputation will be there.

People do business with those they know, like and trust.  1st is to get them to know who you are.  That’s easy.  2nd is to get them to like you and there are many ways to do that, but if you genuinely care about others and serve them in any way you can, they’ll like you.  If they like you, they’ll then have to determine whether they trust you or not.  They have to believe that you’re first good at what you do, and second you are honest and ethical and a person of integrity.

If you give, you shall receive.  It’s that simple.  Add value to the people around you.  Your reputation is the key thing that people look at when deciding who they want to work with or who they want to help.

Incorporate this principle into your mindset and how you function in all the other areas of your life and watch how blessing will come your way.

What Our Clients Say

“I think Gary’s a very professional Realtor, that’s not just coming from me as a Mentor, it’s because I’ve worked with him, he truly cares about the client… You want to work with someone who is caring.”

I know so much realtor, but he’s the best one. Once I talk to him about the investment, he’s thinking, “Okay, this is the only person I trust.” Usually I just refuse to have any connecting with a salesperson or a realtor, but he’s only the exceptional one. Make friends with him.”

“It’s because of [Gary’s] knowledge, his insight, the way that he analyzes and he’s able to put real estate in perspective… he really is genuinely interested in me and what i’m looking for, that blew my mind… because he knows the market and he specializes in the luxury market he’s really able to provide that insight”

“The word professional sums up Gary, extremely knowledgeable… extremely honest, he didn’t sugar coat things… Gary will get it done, he’s done it for me, he’s done it for lots of people I know.”

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