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Does Your Home Have a Stigmatized History and Location?

Property History and Location – Why is it important to know the history?

If it’s an apartment, who was the developer? Is the developer reputable? Do they have a history of building problem buildings? Are they a new, unknown developer? If so, what kind of support can I expect from them? Will they stand behind their product?

These are all questions you need to take into consideration.

You Too Can Take Advantage of Stigmatized Properties and Save Thousands!

Some people will NEVER buy a stigmatized property no matter what. However, many buyers will overlook the stigmas associated to the property if the price is right.

If you’re one of those buyers who don’t mind, take advantage!

Here’s an opportunity for you to save thousands of dollars. Stigmatized properties are harder to sell. They often sell at below market value but sellers will often price their home as if the stigma didn’t exist.

3 Easy Steps to Detect a Stigmatized Property

What are these?

Stigmas – A stigmatized property is a property where buyers may avoid because of reasons that are not related to the property’s features. These include the following:

If someone has died in the home either via murder, suicide or natural death If the sellers have AIDS or some other contagious disease If the home is known to be haunted If specific crimes or gang activity have taken place at the home If the home used to be a grow op If the home was owned by a famous criminal

This knowledge will either benefit you when it comes to negotiating or it can save you from buying something you didn’t want to buy.

What to Do if the Home Inspectors Misses Something

So, what do I do about the things the home inspector misses?

Material Latent Defects – As mentioned earlier, these are defects that cannot be easily identified by the naked eye or by a home inspector. If the seller is aware of any, they MUST disclose them to the buyer.

I helped my clients buy a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Delta.

How Not to Get Caught With Your Pants Down in Real Estate

Imagine you’ve had your eyes and heart on this girl for the longest time. Finally, you built up the guts to ask her out and she says yes. You’re blown away that she agreed so you take her out for dinner to a fancy restaurant and after enjoying the appetizers, entrée, wine and dessert, you realize you didn’t bring your wallet.

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