6 Tips to Make Your House the Ultimate Passive Income Vehicle

WHAT IF by buying a bigger home, you could actually earn regular cash flow every month that would REDUCE your mortgage payment?

You’d be happy, wouldn’t you? Less burden on your monthly expenses, right?


WHAT IF that cash flow FULLY COVERED your mortgage payment?

You’d be jumping with joy, right? Get to live there FOR FREE!


WHAT IF that cash flow FULLY COVERED your mortgage payment AND gave you a PROFIT on top of that?

Want More Space? How You Can Buy a House and Pay Less Utilities!

Upsizing means more space, doesn’t it? You’re buying a house because you just don’t have enough bedrooms in your apartment or townhome, right?

You need the extra bedrooms for an additional baby on the way or for possibly a larger family in the future. EXACTLY! Having a larger home means you can have others live with you. Indian families do that all the time.

Why Real Estate Investors Prefer Land Over Apartments

When you are upsizing from an apartment or townhome to a home where you own the land, suddenly, you’re not just buying a home now, you’re buying a solid piece of LAND.

You are now a landowner. That land belongs to you. You don’t need to be a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Investor to know that land goes up in value.

It’s Cheaper to Live in a House than a Condo

If you’ve been living in an apartment or townhouse for a while, you’re either tired of those monthly strata fees, you’ve ignored them or you’ve grown numb to them and accepted them as one of your other monthly bills you need to pay like your $100 cable bill, $75 cell phone bill, etc…

Don’t you just hate the strata council charging you monthly and all the fees do is pay for garbage pickup and landscaping?

Real Estate Flipping for Beginners

So you know the basics for finding the bargains and learning about rental passive income, right? What if you find a great property at a great price, but the rental income is not good for generating positive cash flow?

Real Estate Investors will still look at it as a great opportunity… to buy and flip. Like I mentioned in another article, if you make offers often, you’ll have a greater chance of buying properties below market value.

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