How To Diffuse ANY Disagreement In ANY Negotiation




Negotiation is the art of letting other people have your way


I’ve been investing a lot of my time into sales training books and programs these days.  My favorite sales coach is Grant Cardone, aka Uncle G.  I’ve listened to all of his books via and I love the content on there.  

One of the key things I learned from him is to always agree with the other party in negotiations.  

The Truth About Cancelling Your Listing From Your Realtor

I’ve never heard any Realtor talk about the details of the listing cancellation.  So I decided to vlog/blog about it.

There are 2 types of listing cancellations:

1.  Cancel Protected – This is when the Seller cancels the listing with the Realtor before the expiry date of the listing contract.  The Realtor must comply to this cancellation request.  The Seller must wait till the end of the listing contract before listing it again on the MLS with another Realtor.  

3 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Selling a home is nothing like buying one. First-time sellers need to consider some important points before getting started. Here are 3 tips for first-time home sellers.

Prepare Your Home for Market

One of the biggest mistakes made by first time home sellers is that they do not know how to or understand how important it is to prepare a home for the open real estate market.  


The Rich Increase Their Risk Threshold, The Poor Decrease Theirs

Gary’s Words of Wisdom (WOW):

Standing Still Does Not Decrease Risk, it Increases It

One of the concepts I’ve learned recently after listening to a podcast interview of a multi-millionaire was the concept of exercising our risk threshold muscles.

The man shared about how to build muscles, one must exercise a particular body group to the point where the muscle breaks down.

3 Smart Tips for Selling Your Home While Living in It with Kids

Selling your home can be a hard process to go through especially with kids. In this article we’ll share few smart tips for selling your home while living with kids.

Below are 3 smart tips for selling your home while living with kids:

Let them Pack their Own Items

Another way to engage your children’s help is to sit down with them and make a list of their toys, books, clothes, and games, then assign them certain items to pick up and pack away, says Kevin Curtis, a Realtor in Minneapolis, MN.

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