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The 3 Rules I Always Recommend For Home Inspections


Do I need a home inspection?

Ever wonder what home inspectors ACTUALLY do?

How can I tell if the home inspector is good or not?


What is the purpose of a home inspection?  Well, there are things about the home that the regular buyer is unaware about.  When you buy a used car, do you take it to the mechanic to make sure it’s not a lemon?  

3 Challenges of Selling a Home

There are sets of challenges, which home sellers have to go through when they want to sell their properties. In these short post we’ll discuss 3 of those challenges you have to deal with, including: choosing a realtor, pricing and renovations.

Choosing a Realtor
Homeowners put one of their largest assets on the line when they sell their home. That’s why finding the right real estate agent can make the experience less stressful.

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