3 Tips for Selling Your Home During Holidays

Thinking about selling your home on holidays? Fortunately, we’ll give some tips that might help you selling your home during holidays, such as: minimizing holiday decorations, keeping it clean, and pricing it right.

Below are 3 tips for selling your home during holidays:

Minimizing Holiday Decorations 
Not everyone has the same love of holiday decorations, and poorly maintained, tacky, or overly religious displays can be a turnoff for potential buyers.

Which Realtor Is Right For You – My 5 Requirements If I Were You


So You’re Hiring a Realtor?

But You’re Not Sure Who To Hire?

When Realtors hire Realtors, Want To Know How They Choose?


There are times when a Realtor would hire another Realtor for their services.  Here are some of the reasons:

They don’t want to sell their own house by themselves because they are not covered under errors & omissions insurance.  

3 Effective Home Gardening Tips to Increase Home Value

Preparing your home for viewers is important. It will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value. Here are 3 effective home gardening tips to increase home value, including: maintaining your lawn, defining lawn edges and adding a touch of colors.

Maintaining your Lawn
Avoid the tendency to put off weekly landscaping tasks.

What To Look For When Reading Strata Documents


Am I Supposed To Read The Strata Documents When I Buy A Condo?

Rental Disclosure Statement, Form B, Strata Plan, what’s that?

Are you confused with all the documents and just want someone to tell you what to look for?


When I first entered the real estate industry, I quickly realized that there’s a tonne of reading to go through when it comes to strata documents.  

3 Factors that Affect Mortgage Rates

A number of factors can potentially impact how much interest you’ll pay toward mortgaging a home, such as: inflation, economic growth and housing market conditions.

Below are 3 factors that affect mortgage rates:

Let’s start with inflation, which is the phenomenon where the prices of common goods and services rise across the board. Consistent and moderate inflation is actually a sign of a healthy economy, and should ideally result in a proportional rise in wages for workers as well.

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