How Multimillionaires And Billionaires Take Action




“Ready, Aim, Fire”


So, you probably grew up learning “Ready, Aim, Fire”.  The concept is to get READY for what you are trying to do, set goals and prepare yourself.  Then AIM for your goal, find out and strategize on how you plan on taking action.  Finally, take action, that is FIRE.

I believed in this concept for most of my life.  

How To Diffuse ANY Disagreement In ANY Negotiation




Negotiation is the art of letting other people have your way


I’ve been investing a lot of my time into sales training books and programs these days.  My favorite sales coach is Grant Cardone, aka Uncle G.  I’ve listened to all of his books via and I love the content on there.  

One of the key things I learned from him is to always agree with the other party in negotiations.  

The Truth About Cancelling Your Listing From Your Realtor

I’ve never heard any Realtor talk about the details of the listing cancellation.  So I decided to vlog/blog about it.

There are 2 types of listing cancellations:

1.  Cancel Protected – This is when the Seller cancels the listing with the Realtor before the expiry date of the listing contract.  The Realtor must comply to this cancellation request.  The Seller must wait till the end of the listing contract before listing it again on the MLS with another Realtor.  

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