Being a Realtor – A Faith Based Business

Last month I talked about how it’s all about giving.  Give and you shall receive.  This month, I feel like expanding how real estate is a FAITH based business in many respects, especially for how I do my business.

Basically, when I love and serve my clients without expecting anything in return, I come across as non-threatening.  I’m not there to sell people something.  I’m not shoving a sale down their throat.  Something happened when I decided to build my business that way.  Business came to me.

By FAITH, people approached me and asked for my services.  It’s because I didn’t pressure them and instead just let them go according to their pace.  I served them according to their needs.

In your business, whether you work at a company as an employee, or whether you own your small business, if you’re looking to get instead of give, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Give first and have the faith that the value and service you gave to others will be like seeds that you planted in a fertile environment.  Fruit doesn’t grow right away, it takes time and as long as you continue to persevere and serve others and add value, the fruit will come.

With crops, sometimes you’ll have a bad crop and sometimes it takes a few bad harvests before you get a good harvest.  That’s why you need to have the FAITH to believe that the harvest is coming.  Be patient and keep at it.  Stick with your passion and desire and have FAITH that if you keep at it and persevere, the impossible will often become possible.

Have the right mindset, give and serve others, offer value, and have FAITH today.

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