Steve Jobs Secret to Team Building That Changed The World

“A Players Hire A Players… Never Hire B Players”

How’s Real Estate?  Well, everyone knows that it’s crazy out there.  Specifically, it’s been a Seller’s Market in East Van since Feb 2013 now, and that hasn’t changed much except prices have skyrocketed since then.  Vancouver West is still as unaffordable as ever and now there’s not much good inventory around and so there are multiple offers everywhere.

It’s been an exciting 2015 so far.  I’ve been working on a dozen or so projects in my business simultaneously and it’s been challenging my time management abilities.  From writing a book on real estate, to building a real estate information website, to creating a real estate models and concepts, filming youtube videos, building a team and more…

I’ve been in the process of looking for potential team members this year as I continue to create systems and processes in my business.  One of the great tips Guy Kawasaki learned from Steve Jobs was to “Never Hire B Players”.

Guy talked about how A Level Entrepreneurs never hire B players.  If you hire B players, B players will hire C players, and C players will hire D players and one day you’ll wake up with what he calls a “Bozo Explosion”.  When asked how to tell if that person is a B player or not, he said that if you can micro manage that person, they’re a B player because A players can’t stand to be micro managed.

Guy says A players always hire A players or even A+ players.  If you look at Steve Jobs, he hired geniuses around him to help develop the iphone, ipod, ipad, etc…  You can’t do it alone.

The importance of a team is so important.  It either makes you grow stronger or it slows you down.

Speaking of teams, I’m going to Kenya with an awesome team from my church for a short term mission trip, Feb 26 – Mar 10, 2015.  We’ll be doing some humanitarian work and some ministry with local pastors and leaders there.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact me or if you would like to support me in any way, you can go here:


So as Guy was talking about this principle to the audience, someone asked him, “Well, if you said A players only hire A players, then who hires B players?”.  Guy smiled and said, “Good question, I don’t know who hires B players, maybe the Board of Directors” and everyone laughed implying that the Board of Directors likes to micromanage people and so they hire B players.

It’s funny but you see this all the time in businesses.  Managers hire B player employees because they want to control them and it’s disastrous.  On the flip side, I am a firm believer of bringing out the best in people and I often see A players who view themselves as B players.  I love to be able to encourage those people and to help them see their true potential and I’ve had the opportunity to do that a several times in 2015 so far.

Sometimes you gotta look behind the surface and see the person’s true potential.  When you start believing in people and speaking truth and life into their lives and you do that relentlessly with love, they start to believe it themselves and that moment is priceless.

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