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3 Ways to Come Up With the Down Payment for a Home

If you’ve been thinking that a home purchase may be in your future, now’s the time to start saving for the down payment. Read on to learn some ways to come up with the down payment for a home.

Look For Down Payment Assistance Programs

One way to find them is through Down Payment Resource, which calls itself “a Web-based software company with a mission to connect people with hard-to-find financial resources.”

How Multimillionaires And Billionaires Take Action




“Ready, Aim, Fire”


So, you probably grew up learning “Ready, Aim, Fire”.  The concept is to get READY for what you are trying to do, set goals and prepare yourself.  Then AIM for your goal, find out and strategize on how you plan on taking action.  Finally, take action, that is FIRE.

I believed in this concept for most of my life.  

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