The #1 Thing You Need To Do To Achieve Breakthrough


Always wondering why you never hit breakthroughs in your life?

Are you doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results?

Are you tired of receiving the mundane, mediocre aspects that life has to offer?


It’s a very simple concept but it’s definitely not easy to do consistently.  

You Want Extraordinary Results, Then You Need To Take Extraordinary Action

I meet so many people that want the crazy success stories in their career, relationship and faith.  They want the massive changes in their life, they want the massive breakthroughs, but I see that they’re not willing to take the massive action to get there.


So take your relationship for example, if you want an ordinary marriage, then just do the ordinary things.  Just know that ordinary marriages usually end in divorce.  If you want a fruitful, abundant marriage that’s thriving and growing, then you can’t do the ordinary things that the average husband or wife does.  Go above and beyond, differentiate yourself, go the extra mile, do the crazy loving things that people do in the movies and IF you are THAT determined and committed to doing that, I guarantee YOU WILL HAVE that extraordinary marriage that you’ve always wanted.  


You’re wondering why you’re not getting promoted at work.  Well, are you doing the status quo?  If you want to stand out, then you gotta take action that makes you stand out.  Are you working the same number of hours as everyone else or are you the first one in the office and the last to leave?  Are you voluntarily taking on extra projects — doing what other coworkers are not doing.  You want the raise or promotion, then make it so that they CANNOT ignore you because of your massive action.  If you were the boss, who would you promote, one who takes ordinary action or the one who takes massive action.


In school, you want the A, right?  How much are you studying?  Are you studying as much as the average students or are you studying even more than the A+ students?  Have the do whatever it takes attitude to get that A and chances are your actions will follow the attitude.  



Last year, I took massive action because I had a large goal.  I wanted the success and so I did the things that others didn’t.  I wrote The Book on Vancouver Real Estate, I did the speaking engagements (teaching a seminar at a local college and speaking at a conference of over 600 people), I filmed and published tonnes of Youtube videos, I wrote tonnes of blog posts, I went to conferences and workshops, I went to Fort St. John to study real estate investing, etc…  I just took massive action.


Bottom Line:  Take Massive Action Because I Believe You Deserve Massive Success.


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